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November 17, 2009

Successfull Consolidation to Simplify Data Integration and Improve Data Quality

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It’s a common thing for a large enterprise or a company to have multiple applications they work with. So once it comes the time to consider consolidate enterprise applications and to may be cut some of them to simplify data integration processes, to improve data quality, and business agility.

The question is which applications should stay and which should be cut. Such decisions don’t usually come easy and require a lot of preparatory work, and a right strategy. According to Gartner’s principles of application consolidation and expert advices I’ve found at, several steps should be fulfilled to make the right decision and ensure success of the project.

The strategic steps include:

    Asking yourself questions about the value of applications used in the company, their functions, the ability to support them long term, etc.

    Searching for sources of data replication. However, experts do not recommend throwing away duplicate applications, but to create strict standards for data definitions, technologies and applications to use whiting the enterprise.

    Deciding which data is important. Though tricky, this decision will help to define the applications to keep or to cut. So the choice should be done from the data point of view, as, again, the goal of consolidation is o provide better data quality, having more consistent data views and dimensions from less applications to simplify data integration and business analytics.

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