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March 17, 2009

Keeping Your CRM Data Quality at Its Best

Filed under: Data Cleansing, Data Quality — Tags: , , , — Olga Belokurskaya @ 4:59 am

What is one of any organizations most valuable assets? CRM data is probably one of them. Companies are likely to protect and secure their CRM data, but what about its quality? Data quality management is very often one of the most neglected areas of CRM management and one of the major pain areas for administrators and managers.

So trying to learn more about the problem, I came across some practices that could help maintain and enhance the value of the data.

  • Do not ignore bad data until it starts affecting your work. Keep an eye on your data and monitor any changes in its quality.
  • It’s a good practice to manage, normalize, format, qualify and filter out your leads outside your CRM and then have it uploaded so that what is not valuable or quality data does not get added.
  • Periodical data append is important although it involves a lot of manual effort and may seem time consuming.
  • Duplication is possibly one of the most common problems and creates redundancy as well as inaccurate reports. So it has to be kept in check
  • The same thing may be said about expired data that simply junks your CRM. The more regularly you check for expired data, the healthier your CRM is.
  • And, finally, if data cleansing is what helps you maintain your database quality then data enrichment is what will help you enhance your data quality and make it more valuable to the end users.

And here we go with the conclusion: good data management practices, constant cleansing and enrichment process – that’s when your CRM data really becomes an asset.