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April 20, 2010

Understanding Data Integration in the Cloud Context

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Today, cloud providers enable both small companies and enterprises appreciate cost-savings, scalability, and ongoing server support, moving their applications or parts of them to the cloud. However, data integration still remains among the challenges cloud providers and their customers face. According to a number of cloud experts (David Linthicum among others), this occurs due to the fact that data integration in the context of the cloud has not yet been clearly understood and elaborated.

  • Sadly, but data integration seems to be an afterthought for many cloud providers; they do not consider the need companies have for synchronizing data in the cloud with the on-premises sources.
  • Another issue is that there are still no common standards for data integration between different clouds. Companies have different business goals and they may use the services from different cloud providers. So, today, we speak about not just cloud-to-on-premises integration, but cloud-to-cloud integration, as well. Since there are a number of different cloud platforms available today, providers are expected to consider cross-platform integration as soon as possible.

So, in the context of the cloud, data integration means the possibility to integrate and manage data across all on-premises and cloud-based systems a company utilizes. Cloud provider should consider these options and give its customers such a possibility.

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