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November 11, 2010

What Makes a Good Data Integration Professional?

Filed under: Data Integration — Katherine Vasilega @ 6:17 am

A successful data integration effort requires a qualified data integration specialist. There are tons of resumes of ETL specialists on the internet, so how do you find the right one? Here are some thoughts on the skills to look at, while hiring a data integration expert.

A data integration professional needs to have a mix of programming skills, knowledge of data integration theory and practice, and experience with an ETL tool. You can use this check list to make sure you are hiring a qualified professional:

    • A good data integration specialist is a developer who can perform customizations and apply hand coding when your ETL tool does not provide the functionality needed.
    • This professional should have a strong knowledge of data integration best practices and follow a proven data integration methodology.
    • It should be an ETL tool specialist, who knows the nuances of your tool. This is the least important factor, as you can always train an ETL specialist to use a particular tool.

In other words, a good data integration specialist must possess experience in database integration, data management, and application development. Although the knowledge of a particular tool is important, you might be better off with a trained database administrator or software developer who understands the value of keeping projects on time and within a budget.

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