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February 25, 2010

What May Complicate Data Migration?

Filed under: Data Integration, Data Migration — Olga Belokurskaya @ 1:38 am

Data migration is a complex process, and it differs greatly from other IT projects. Good sound approaches should be introduced when data migration strategy is being planned. Success of data migration depends on many things, each detail is important. But there are certain conditions that affect the complexity of data migration process, and thus demand for even more attention.

One of such challenging conditions is moving from a current vendor to a new one, which may mean another type of applications and systems, different data formats, etc. This may, probably, demand the use of data migration tools different from those, a company had utilized.

Another condition that complicates data migration is moving from physical environment to virtualized one, such as the Cloud. Though the end result of the shift is going to be great, a much greater effort is needed to overcome difficulties, connected with the process (lack of interoperability between different cloud and physical platforms, security provisions, access to the data, etc.)

So, as new possibilities for storing, accessing, and working with data appear, promising significant decrease in expenses and resources, organizations will adopt them. However, certain things and conditions that may complicate the process of data migration should be taken into account, and companies should provide for them.

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