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February 16, 2010

When Developing Systems Architecture Think About Data Integration

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“The data, and integration strategies around the data, is something that most figure is there, will be there, and requires very little thinking and planning.” – This is what I’ve read today at ebizQ.

This again supports the idea that data, though being “the biggest companies’ value”, is still often being neglected. And this results in data integration and quality issues, providing inconsistent data and ruining the entire idea of data integration as a way to provide a clear view on enterprise data. The data that is important for business decisions.

In fact, very often when it comes to designing and developing the architecture, all the attention is focused on technical side of the process. Thus data integration strategies become an afterthought making it difficult to meet business requirements. So, the message is that provisions for data integration should be made at the level of the development of enterprise systems architecture.

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