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June 6, 2008

When it comes to integration…what do you do?

Filed under: Data Integration — Alena Semeshko @ 5:33 am

Integration… what do you do when it needs to be done, yet you realize you don’t have the money, the time or the assets to invest into it?

Below are a few ways out. Each is widely used, so the selection depends largely on your company’s priorities and the nature of business. before I start, let’s make it clear that leaving the problem untackled or allowing your own customer to deal with it is not an option.

First, and probably the least effort-consuming is turning to professional services. This implies having a SaaS vendor come in and do the integration for you and provide you with the most recent on-demand integration tricks. A good option, as long as you’re not scared to spend money.

Second, you could build your own professional services team to cater for your company’s data integration needs or even build your own integration solution. But this too is an approach reserved for larger companies that can afford to allot staff members and time for this purpose.

Third, an approach for risky spirits and real players, find a partner that specializes in your area of aintegration. Trust me, you won’t ahve a problem finding one. The problem that might arise is, again, time and compatibility of your business with the data integration ambitions of your partner ISV. But there’s always a way out, right?

What’s right for your company?

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