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September 10, 2008

Who Really Uses Mashups?

Filed under: Data Mashup — Alena Semeshko @ 5:02 am

I recently came across Joe McKendrick’s blog post, where he talks about the phenomenon of mashups and discusses the problem of mashups not quite being there yet in terms of end-user experience. Well, a lot of mashups are designed specifically for corporate users to help solve real-world business problems. Lots of work stations, lots of issues…at this level it’s no wonder you’ll need a power user at some point.

Now, while that’s OK for the corporate world, this might be a problem when a user is trying to build his own, and more complicated application. The whole point of mashups is ease of use, your average user wouldn’t want to get too technical into the process when building an application for personal use.

Joe refers to Mozilla Foundation with their “Ubiquity” project, as an expample of a company trying to make its product easily accessible to any non-programmer out there. I quite like the idea they’re pushing through with Ubiquity, that of connecting the Web with language, thus having everything you might need at your disposal and not wasting time. Ugh, time! The one thing we’re always short of. =)

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