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March 4, 2008

Why Data Warehousing? Why Business Intelligence?

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In the world of Business Intelligence there’s no place for people who manage by gut. Auch that hurts, huh? But that’s true. People who use their intuition or gut feeling to make major decisions in business usually lose to those using BI in support of management decisions. It’s like with cars: your serviceman knows exactly what that noise under your hood means and what has to be repaired or replaced in your car, while you might only suspect that something’s wrong with the engine or breaks or gearbox and if you were to repair your car, you’d be more likely to break something else than repair what’s broken. Employing BI strategies and techniques, like, for instance, data warehousing, provides the security and assurance you need to keep your business up and be sure of your decisions.

When success depends on how quickly a company responds to rapidly changing market conditions, BI is where you turn for help. It fast-forwards the decision-making processes and provides you with the insight necessary to make the right decisions faster.

With the modern technologies of data integration, warehousing and analysis, you get a single complete view of your organization’s past, present and potential future with the major problematic areas already figured out for you. All that is left is for this perspective to be put into action.

*get going*

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