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September 7, 2009

Why Enterprises Go Open Source for Data Integration?

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open source data integrationSome ten years ago, using open source was unlikely for big serious companies. Now that the benefits of freely distributed software have become more evident than ever and an abundance of such products has appeared at the market, more and more companies go open source.

Open source data integration is no exception. Freely available solutions are doubly beneficial, bringing the license cost to minimum and enabling companies to save dramatic amounts on maintenance. Organizations rely on open source when it comes to integrating their data. But it is not only about money. Open source also has a number of advantages over traditional software such as:

- Better performance and reliability
Open source solutions have vast communities of developers, which ensures testing all the functional range of a product on different platforms before releasing, bugs are found and fixed rapidly, enhancements to the code are also easier to make due to the availability of the source code.

- Multi-platform support
Typically, open source software supports numerous platforms, leaving it to the user to choose the one that fits their requirements better – something many proprietary software solutions cannot offer.

- Higher level of security
With the source code publically available, open source software typically suffers fewer vulnerability attacks than proprietary solutions.

- Flexibility
Most open source developments allow a tremendous scale of flexibility and can be reused in a vast range of cases with little to none customizing required.

- Easier deployment
There is a tendency for open source software to concentrate on the essential features instead of implementing dozens of secondary features that hardly anyone uses. Due to that such software is usually more straightforward in use than proprietary products.

You can learn more about why enterprises go open source for data integration from the “Guide to Reducing Data Integration Costs.”

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